Boo! The Ultimate Surprise Cake... or is it... :/

Boo Surprise Cake

Boo Surprise Cake

Okay, I admit - this is probably the ugliest thing I have ever put on my blog, but I was so determined to make a BOO Surprise Cake.

I thought of the brilliant "Boo" idea myself. (although someone had already tried it according to Google image, but it looked quite a bit different - no holes in letters...

This is a complete pain. Its quite a daunting task. Or shall I say, haunting? :)

To be honest I tried this cake 3 1/2 times (gave up half way in the middle of one time) so - four times. You need to precook sheet cake, use a cookie cutter to cut out the shape you want, stack the shapes in a row and then bake it again after filling the spaces with batter. Sounds easy right? Wrong! 

Basically the 'writing' in a surprise cake is really finicky - because if it's too small, it gets lost in the batter. If its too big (like mine was) you risk it collapsing a bit (like mine did). I couldn't find a really deep pan, so I built a 14 by 14 square pan up with a little origami action with parchment paper and reinforced it with foil (yeah, I know I was dedicated). I then froze three orange cakes and one brown cake so I had nice stack-able frozen shapes. I also used a plastic hollow dowel to hollow the letters, and punch out some brown cake to fill the holes. I also wedged in some precooked batter between the letters to prevent to much batter leakage in between the letters. Don't put batter on the very top of the letters or it might come seeping down as I found in attempt three.

Basically for a fourteen by fourteen you need parchment paper, extra big foil, three yellow box cakes, two chocolate box cakes, (+the  oil, water, 15 eggs), about a whole bottle of yellow food coloring, red food coloring, cookie cutters, freezer, oven...

I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Don't attempt this unless you have about three days of uninterrupted time and plenty more time for the re-attempts. 

You could make something so much cuter! (I saw a bundt cake stacked on an upside down bundt cake and frosted like a pumpkin - make that instead!