Surviving Working at home with toddlers: How to remove items that have been wedged into CD Drive or SD Card Reader (memory card slot).

Ambitious to get to work today. I hopped on my computer ready to load my latest photos for a logo design project. Crap. There is a quarter in my SD Card Reader.  That's what happens when you have toddlers - I guess they think my 2,000 computer is a gumball machine?

It's okay, I thought, I dealt with this recently when I spaced out and put the SD Card in the CD drive (that's, again what happens when you have toddlers. Baby brain gets worse as they get older). I learned a couple tricks to remove things.

If you have something stuck in your CD Drive:

If you can't pull it out with pliers, i.e., wedged it in further with the pliers

1. Take a credit card and loop around some duct tape - sticky side out.

2. Slide the card in and work it around the side of the object.

3. Apply sideways pressure to get the object to stick, and pull out.

If you have something stuck in your SD Card Drive:

Try the above method with something skinnier as a credit card wont fit (a thick strip of paper/plastic). I ran out of ducktape, and I had a thick penny in there, soI

1. Created a loop with wire, twist together and curve the wire so you can wedge it under the object and have it grab the other side. (See Pic)

2. Push up and pull out until object dislodges.

Do you have any similar stories to share? Do you have a solution to my next problem? A stick wedged in the keyhole of a car (apparently three-year-olds think anything can be a key...)

Best of luck on you remote working endeavors!