Chocolate Lace Cake Wraps

I wanted to try this Julia Usher Cake Lace out for a test run for my sister's baby shower.  I am no cake decorator, but I found this this was surprisingly easy if you have patience and fairly good handwriting.. I just microwaved chocolate chips in the microwave, scooped it in decorating bags and snipped the tip of the bag (no need for fancy tips which is nice...) This was for a valentines day lunch so I added chocolate covered strawberries.  I was up until 11 doing this - it was so fun! As you can see my table was a disaster, and I just taped parchment on whatever to use up all the chocolate... :) It's way easier than it looks. You can also make doilies ahead of time and stack them in the fridge to make an awesome placement for a special dessert for a special someone... Although this, by the way, was not for my husband. He's getting mail-ordered steak :) 

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