Hand-painted Checkerboard Table

Sigh, I have two minutes to write this. 

For this project I wanted to tie in this previously red kids table with a pink & purple kitchen set I got for my girls' b-day's. I also wanted a checkerboard on it.

My advice when hand painting anything is make sure you have an example of what to look at. (In this case, I matched designs to the rug.) Plan it out in advance (i.e., draw out the project so you can get an idea of the final).

Also, use a ruler for the checkerboard and center it. I used 2" squares to keep it easy. My husband did the straight board using tape as a guide, but I hand-painted the checkers to tie in all the other hand-painted designs on this table.

 (don't trace everything out or you'll forever have some pencil marks)

Also, don't leave it outside when it's raining. That's it! hope you like it!